Sunday Fellowship Blog

Every week we gather together to hear a message from the Word of God. By gathering with one another, we can be encouraged to love the Lord and pursue Him in our daily life. We hope these blogs would encourage you to seek God with us and develop an intimate relationship with Him!

Below, you will find blogs from our past Sunday Fellowships, focusing on different topics and themes throughout the school year.

Spring 2020 Series 2 – The Prayer Ministry of the Church

  1. The Three Desires of God

Spring 2020 Series 1 – A Life of Forbearance without Anxiety

  1. Rejoicing in the Lord in Our Present Circumstances
  2. An All-Inclusive Christian Virtue
  3. Living a Life of Forbearance without Anxiety
  4. Gaining the Life and Peace of Christ During Difficult Situations
  5. A Life of Forbearance without Anxiety by Looking Away unto Jesus

Winter 2020 – Steps for Christian Growth

  1. Joyful Choose the Better Part
  2. Consecration – The Meaning, Purpose, and Result
  3. Dealing with the World (Part I)
  4. Dealing with the World (Part II)
  5. Dealing with the World (Part III)
  6. Dealing with the Conscience

Fall 2019 – A Blessed Human Life

  1. The Bible Opening Up the Mystery of the Universe
  2. Going Forth to Bear Fruit
  3. Shepherding the Lord’s Sheep
  4. Having Great Resolutions of Heart

Spring 2019 – A Life That Fulfills God’s Eternal Purpose

  1. A Christian Life That Fulfills God’s Eternal Purpose
  2. Christ as Life for God’s Building
  3. Living a Life that Fulfills God’s Eternal Purpose
  4. God’s Plan to Work Christ into Us

Winter 2019 – The Two Spirits in Romans

  1. The Two Spirits and the Purpose of God
  2. The Two Spirits for the Divine Sonship
  3. The Indwelling Spirit
  4. The Riches of the Indwelling Spirit
  5. The Function of the Indwelling, All-Inclusive Spirit
  6. The Spirit being for the Dispensing of the Triune God
  7. The Spirit of Life Supplying Life to the Three Parts of the Believers

Fall 2018 – A Person in the Spirit

  1. Captives of Christ
  2. Letters of Christ
  3. Ambassadors of Christ
  4. Co-workers of God
  5. Mirrors Beholding and Reflecting the Glory of the Lord
  6. Earthen Vessels to Contain Christ the Priceless Treasure
  7. Being Married to Christ
  8. Lovers of the Church and Tasters of Christ

Spring 2018

  1. The Greatest Prophecy in the Bible
  2. Christ as the Life and Person of the Church
  3. Keeping the Oneness of the Spirit & Arriving at the Oneness of the Faith
  4. How to Enjoy Christ for the Building Up of the Body of Christ
  5. Exercising our Spirit to Enjoy the Lord for the Building Up of the Church
  6. The Lord’s Recovery of the Eating of Jesus for the Building Up of the Church

Winter 2018

  1. The Furtherance of the Gospel
  2. Magnifying Christ
  3. One Soul, Thinking the One Thing
  4. Taking Christ as the Pattern
  5. Working Out Our Salvation to Hold Forth Christ
  6. Gaining Christ and Awaiting Christ
  7. Being Anxious in Nothing

Fall 2017

  1. A Tree and a River
  2. The Tree Signifying Christ and the River Signifying the Spirit
  3. Eating and Drinking (1)
  4. Eating and Drinking (2)

Spring 2017

  1. The Testimony of Jesus
  2. The Universal Woman and the Man-child
  3. A Farm to Grow the Firstfruits and the Harvest
  4. The Bride and the Overcoming Army

Winter 2017 – The Pursuit of a Christian

  1. The Pursuit of a Christian
  2. Four Things a Christian Possesses
  3. The Content of the Church
  4. The Peculiar Life of a Christian
  5. The Contradiction in a Christian
  6. Taking Our Innermost Part as the Starting Point

Fall 2016

  1. The Pure in Heart
  2. The First Step After Salvation – Purging Out the Leaven
  3. Confessing our Sins and Asking for Enlightenment
  4. Consecrating Ourselves to God
  5. Dealing with the Conscience
  6. Living According to the Conscience and Living Before God
  7. With Men this is Impossible, but with God All Things are Possible

Spring 2016

  1. The Vision of God’s Building
  2. The Steps to Attain God’s Building

Winter 2016

  1. Abraham: Living by Faith – Being Today’s River Crossers to Live the Life of the Altar and the Tent

  2. Abraham: The Seed and the Land for the Fulfillment of God’s Purpose
  3. Abraham: Enjoying Christ in His Heavenly Ministry by Fighting for the Brother
  4. Abraham: Living in Fellowship with God
  5. Isaac: Living a Grace-enjoying Life for God’s Good Pleasure
  6. Isaac: Two Wells – Two Sources of Living
  7. Jacob: Chosen, Dealt With, and Broken by God for God’s Purpose

Fall 2015

  1. God’s Purpose in Man Revealed in Genesis (1)
  2. God’s Purpose in Man Revealed in Genesis (2)
  3. A Life of Dependence
  4. Genesis 2: Transformation and the River
  5. Genesis 2: God’s Desire for a Counterpart
  6. Genesis 3: Man’s Fall and God’s Proclamation of the Glad Tidings
  7. Worshipping God According to God’s Revelation
  8. Abel – The First Priest of God
  9. Walking with God

Spring 2015

  1. The Salvation of Life
  2. The Purposeful God
  3. How Important is the Human spirit?
  4. Where is the proper place to worship God?
  5. The function of our human spirit
  6. What is the Church? The Called Out Assembly
  7. Is the church as the Body of Christ a metaphorical or literal expression?

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