Joyful Choose the Better Part

If you ​have received the Lord, you are a vessel of mercy ​(Rom. 9:23). As vessels, we are containers, and as containers, we possess a priceless treasure, a “treasure in earthen vessels” (2 Cor. 4:7). God, by His sovereign mercy, ​has placed Himself into us ​as this very treasure.

​When we consecrate ourselves to the Lord, we offer ourselves to God, so He could fill us, occupy us, and be expressed through us. Today, we offer ourselves to many things: classes, video games, sports, etc. However, our consecration to the Lord Jesus, which is to say ​to Him, “Lord, I give myself to You,” is much more meaningful than anything else we give ourselves to.

Furthermore, the basis on which we offer ourselves is the price with which He bought us ​(1 Cor. 6:19-20). In other words, the basis of our consecration ​involves Jesus’ precious blood. Because the Lord has purchased us with His blood, the Lord has the right to own ​us. Because He bought us and purchased us, we are no longer our own.

In this age today, we all belong to something, and we all have given ourselves to something. ​If you have not given yourself to God, it would ​not be sensible to believe ​that you ​are your own, as Romans 6 blatantly reveals to us our dire condition and true state.​ This chapter reveals that each one of us is a slave to sin – not one person is free from this. The devil stole us, and as such,​ has caused humanity to fall into the grasps of sin.

But Christ bought us! We have been bought and redeemed with a price! The righteous demand of the law was such that we were required to die ​(Rom. 6:23). There seemed to be no hope for us, no way out. However, Christ died ​for ​our sins, ​and He shed His own blood for ​us. We can tell Him, “Thank You Lord for purchasing me. I am not my own! I belong to Jesus.

When the Lord redeemed us the payment was not made to Satan. The payment was allotted towards the righteous requirement of the law. ​The law demands that we die if we sin, and Christ died on the cross for us and redeemed us from the curse of the law (1 Pet. 3:18; Gal. 3:13). Because He paid the price, we are no longer bound to sin,​ and we have been freed!

​Now we have a new master, who ​in every matter, behind every circumstance, is our Lord. The God of the universe owns us. Who else could we hope to be owned by? ​In His hands we have satisfaction, joy, ​and definite ​contentment and purpose. ​Our purpose is to contain God,​ and this exceeds every other feeling. For man to be aligned with the very purpose which ​he was created for – there simply is no greater joy obtained from anywhere and anything else.

In the end, still, the decision falls upon us. After all, God created us with a will in hopes that we would freely and happily choose Him.

Psalms 110:3 says,

“Your people will offer themselves willingly in the day of Your warfare, in the splendor of their consecration.”

While our basis is​ the Lord’s blood, our motivation and deciding factor should be God’s love. The love of Christ constrains us. As it matters to Him concerning us (1 Pet. 5:7), it should also matter to us concerning Him. Simply say to Him, “Lord, I love You. Lord, I’m here for You, as You are and will be here for me. Lord, today appear to me in a fresh and intimate way. Enter into my being and spread through every part.” This sweet prayer touches His heart while leading us closer to satisfying our intended purpose amidst everything He wants to do. ​Because the Lord has purchased us, we can consecrate to Him afresh and tell Him: “I love my Master and I will not go out free.

-RW, Senior, Human Biology