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Going Forth to Bear Fruit

As Irvine Christian Students continues along the subject of A Blessed Human Life, this week’s Sunday Fellowship discussed the matter of Going Forth to Bear Fruit. This particular message unpacks the parable of the sower in Matthew 13:3-9.

In this parable, we see that as the sower went out to sow, the seeds fell upon four different types of earth: beside the way (v. 4), on the rocky places (v. 5), on the thorns (v. 7), and on the good earth (v.8). The seeds that fell upon the first three types of earth either developed shallow roots or experienced no growth at all. Only the seeds that fell upon the good earth produced healthy plants that bore fruit.

I​’ve personally been touched by this parable because it exposes the fallen condition of my heart. Sometimes there are “​thorns​” or ​”rocks​” that prevent the Lord from taking root within me. These include everyday distractions, worldly pursuits, past sins, and anything else that hardens my heart toward God. I must regularly pray that the real sower, Christ, would plant seeds in the good earth of my heart, and that any obstruction or barrier in my heart would be removed. In doing so, Christ will be able to carry out His full operation and take root in my heart, allowing me to bear fruit over time.

The key to this progression is abiding in Christ and allowing Him to abide in us.

In John 15:5, Jesus says, ​

“He who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit; for apart from Me you can do nothing.​”

When I take time to pray, I am able to abide in Christ and spend time with Him. He in turn is then able to abide in me. The verse says that we need to first abide ​in Him in order for Him to abide in us.  In order to be those who bear fruit in abundance, we have to continually be constituted with Christ by abiding in Him through prayer. Any effort we make apart from Him will ultimately surmount to nothing. Only the transforming power of God can pull us out of our wretched state and conform us to the image of His Son. All we do is abide! What a simple yet profound truth! Let us be those who abide in the Lord always! Amen!