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Gospel Outreach: Salt Lake City, UT

Report from Gospel Trip to Salt Lake City 

A group of eight of us flew to Salt Lake City to blend with the brothers and sisters there and help kickstart the new year on the University of Utah campus. All of us were touched by how burdened they were to gain students from that campus for the Lord, in spite of minimal resources and manpower. They joined us to pray and fellowship in the morning before heading to the campus with us to pass out flyers and preach the gospel.

It was a real eye-opening experience for all of us, and we all realized that we were not there to carry out a work, but simply to enter into the situation and the labor there. After a week, we had passed out about 140 New Testament Bibles and had 123 contacts interested in the Christians on Campus club there. We had a very sweet meeting in the home of a local family the night before we left, in which were seven new students.

Keep the church in Salt Lake City in your prayers! Pray that they would be strengthened with multiplied grace to carry out the work of following-up with these new students, and that the Lord would bless them with remaining fruit this year from the campus!

I am so thankful and feel very blessed for the opportunity that the Lord gave me to spread His word at the University of Utah and bring forth the word to students who thirst and hunger for the Lord. Many times we tend to doubt ourselves, thinking that we are unable to do what we think the Lord wants from us, instead of opening our hearts to let Him do as He pleases. However the Lord wants us to realize that He knows exactly what He is doing and that without Him we cannot accomplish anything. On our own we are definitely weak and incapable because that is just who we are, but as soon as we open up to Him and He becomes one with us, He finds use in us for the desire of His heart. Spending time with the Lord and the brothers and sisters in Utah opened up my eyes, making me realize that many college students truly desire to know more about this all-inclusive Christ. May the Lord bless the church in Salt Lake City and grow in the brothers and sisters for the building up of the Body of Christ. — KO

The fields are white at the University of Utah! The situation there has caused many students to be open. Pray that the students there would see that gaining ones for the Lord is a matter of life or death, and that they would be desperate! — VN

Going on this gospel trip, I saw that preaching the gospel is not an activity, but a part of our daily living. The brothers and sisters in Salt Lake City preached the gospel in such a desperate way which made me realize that it is a matter of life or death to the saints. In the same way, wherever we go and wherever we are, we need to be preaching the gospel as a matter of life or death. — AN

I had such an enjoyable time blending with the brothers and sisters in Salt Lake City and I was so encouraged by their burden for the campus. The church here is small but all the saints are really burdened for the campus and it shows in the way that they shepherd and take care of the students. On the last night that I was there, there was a meeting on campus and a time of overflow from the book of Philippians. From that time I was freshly impressed that the Lord only wants us to pursue Him and keep growing in Him. I am so grateful to have had the privilege to grow a little more in Him with the brothers and sisters in Salt Lake City! — EB

Going to the University of Utah to preach the gospel really brought me to realize how much more of Christ I needed, how much more of His life I needed within me. The gospel work on the campus there really was the frontline of the Lord’s move, and it was just so precious to see that our own efforts are useless, and that the Lord’s move could only be accomplished through Him and through His life. — SS

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