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Gospel Outreach: Columbus and Fairborn, OH

Report from Gospel Trip to Ohio

From August 20 to September 3, a group of us joined the gospel work on the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, and on the Wright State University in Fairborn, Ohio. We spent one week on each campus to support and participate in their Welcome Week events. Each of the two campuses currently has only two engaged full-time in the ministry there, with a handful of active students. It was very encouraging to see all the brothers and sisters from the community and the students rise up to function to gain the incoming freshmen for the Lord.

Every day, we came together to enjoy the Lord and pray for the campus in the mornings. Then we went to the campuses to contact the new students. At both campuses, we contacted about 120 students each, but the burden of the church there was that we would make solid connections with a few that would remain because the manpower is so limited. Our main prayer burden is that the brothers and sisters in Columbus and Fairborn would be supplied abundantly to gain ones that will remain this year. Also please pray for the follow-up of all the students contacted from the Welcome Week events.


Praise the Lord for the churches in Ohio! It was great to be able to revisit these two localities again. I visited last year, and was once again impressed with many things. Overall, I was really encouraged with the burden the brother and sisters in Columbus and Fairborn have for the gospel work on their campuses (OSU and Wright State). They all really have a heart for man and a care for the building up of the Body. They are trying their best to encourage the students to participate, and many students have been rising up! Let’s continue to pray that the Lord will finish the work which He has begun in these two schools, and that He would richly bless the church with remaining fruit this coming year! —CV

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